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G-Spot, Multithreaded Gmail Accounts Processor [Discontinued]



- Verify Gmail accounts ( with the ability to decaptcha them if needed, login verification is also supported, account format for this to work must be "email:password:phonenumber" )
In our tests with 100 threads and 1000 proxies, list has easily gotten 5-7K / hour stable speeds.

- Set Signature
Use file based macros to set unique signatures for all accounts.

- Set Vacation Response
Ability to set vacation response with each response being unique using file based macros.

- Change Name
You can easily change name that is used when you send emails.

- Set Reply-To Address
You can set reply-to addresses with the ability to use random email for each account to avoid detection.

- Set Forwarding
You can easily set or remove forwarding, also you can set new forwarding on already forwarded accounts. NOTE: Gmail has rendered mass forwarding unusable so this feature no longer works.

- Enable POP and IMAP access
Very useful if you plan to access your accounts from third party programs using these protocols.

- Change passwords, including automatic change on accounts that ask for a password reset right after login
Don't fear sellers reselling your accounts, you can change passwords on all accounts and make them all random.


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PRICE: $80/licence

To obtain a licence you will need your Hardware ID. To get it, download app's archive, extract it and run app's executable from the extracted folder. It will show you registration window with your current Hardware ID. Use it on Buy Now page to purchase a licence. You will be automatically emailed with your registration information shortly after your payment has been processed, this usually takes a few minutes. You should keep this information as you might need it later, for example, if your Hardware ID changes.


To replace your registration key in case of Hardware ID change, use this link

NOTE: This application is NOT an Account Maker or a Mailer.
Refund policy.
Refunds will be provided within first 12 hours only, in case the app does not perform some functions outlined above.

All updates and changes made by any web services will be fixed within 24 - 48 hours, unless web services undergo a dramatic change, either way all clients will be updated on all changes.
We will provide all updates for 6 months from the date of purchase, after that period you will need to renew your update subscription to receive further updates.
Update subscription renewal links:
1 month, $19
3 months, $47
6 months, $75

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